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ISD Sportverein e.V.

In 1995, the ISD Sportverein e.V. was founded by two teachers from the International School of Dusseldorf with the aim of providing students an opportunity to better integrate into the city and German culture. The club started small with only two soccer teams in its inaugural year. Since the founding of the club, the ISD Sportverein e.V. has blossomed into one with 700 + members, competing in soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, Gaelic football, summer sport camps and Cub Club childcare. 



The ISD SV offers soccer, volleyball, basketball and swimming. The ISD SV offers programmes that are supportive and challenging for each of its participants with beliefs anchored in our clubs core values: Hunger, Heart, Courage and Pride.



The Cub Club is an after school programme that provides a safe, nurturing place of supervision and activities for school age children. ‌



The summer sports camp provide the perfect opportunity for students to get involved in sports during the holidays.

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