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Spirit, Community and Hospitality

Lions Club is a volunteer parent organisation that provides support for the Sports & Activities programme (for both Sportverein and NECIS). Lions Club has a strong tradition of support and hospitality that was paused during Covid. We are excited to re-establish this wonderful initiative to once again enhance our sporting community.


Goals of Lions Club:

  • To enhance spirit in the community

  • To support ISD & ISD Sportverein athletes

  • To offer hospitality to visiting teams

Who is the Lions Club?

All family members of anyone participating in ISD Sportverein or NECIS sports are automatically members of the Lions Club. 


Hospitality For Home Games

Currently, this is organised by the parents of each specific sports team. This is done through the provision of refreshments to players and spectators during volleyball, basketball and selected soccer games. Any Sportverein team can run a hospitality event. This is led by the ISD Sports and Activities Department and is supported by ISD Sports families. 

Be a Member of the Lions Club Committee

Meet with Sports and Activities team every 4-6 weeks to:

  • Support the revival of Lions Club’s community spirit

  • Coordinate hospitality for home games

  • Provide financial oversight for funds raised by Lions Club

  • Ensure Lions Club future continuity & sustainability.

Get involved

Contact if you are interested in getting involved!


30 April 2024

 Tuesday Morning Club Presentation to seek potential Lions Club Committee Members.


01 May 2024

Sweep the Shed & 2nd-Hand Sports Gear Buy/Sell/Swap! (in collaboration with ISD Green Café)


25 May 2024

Manning ISD Int’l Fest secondary bar supporting ISD Fund (an ISD charity).


13 June 2024

Big closing event supporting all Sportverein End-of-Year BBQ

Previous Events

In November 2023, Sportverein Basketball Parents volunteered and kick-started Hospitality during Home Games at the SCC and were then quickly joined by Sportverein Volleyball Parents.


24 January 2024

Lions Club Potluck kick-off

30 January 2024

Joined ISD Activities Fair

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