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The Cub Club is an after school programme that provides a safe, nurturing place of supervision and activities for school age children. ‌

Every school day Monday to Friday from 15:45 - 18:00

A typical schedule:

15:45-16:00: Students arrive, snack and outdoor play

16:00-17:00: Creative activities (arts and crafts, music), sports (outdoor, team games), hobbies (chess, puzzle, dance)

17:00-17:30: Free choice of play, reading, drawing (etc.)
17:30-18:00: Clean up and preparation for departure

18:00: Dismissal and sign out at pick up


On day 5 of the ISD school calendar, the Cub Club will be open from 14:30 - 18:00.

For any questions please contact Giusy Granata our Cub Club Coordinator at

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  • A quality after school care programme with a variety of well-planned activities such as sports, crafts, games, reading and health and wellness.

  • We offer structured activities as well as freedom to have fun and develop new interests.

  • A calendar of planned activities is available each month and is emailed to the parents. 


The programme is divided into two semesters covering the school year except the holiday weeks. 
The amounts quoted equate to a modest daily rate of €15
For more information please click here.


  1. Log in to your ClubsBuddy account

  2. Click on the "Bookings" tab

  3. Select ISD Cub Club

  4. Select which days you wish to register your child for

  5. If your child is not already a member of the ISD Sportverein please also select the option for the Sportverein membership too

  6. Pay with your credit card via ClubsBuddy to guarantee your spot

It is possible to pay via bank transfer: please find the bank details in the footer of this page.

In this case you will need to notify the Sportverein about your payment in order to finalise your registration and guarantee your place.
For any technical issues, please send an email to


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